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Serving people in need of Senior Care

We provide premium care to the senior adult community by providing all-inclusive care; including housing, medical, transportation, and much more.

Serving people in need of Transitional Housing

Safe and stable housing is provided to people in need of transitional housing; including (but not limited to) housing, medical, and any transportation needs.

Serving people in need of Affordable Living

We deliver the utmost care for special needs individuals. Our all-inclusive care includes housing, medical, transportation, related services, and more.
Assistance is here!

Rapid Rehousing Program

Transition from homelessness to permanent housing

Since opening our first care home, we have provided a wide variety of special needs groups with affordable and specialized housing. Demographics served includes but are not limited to: disabled, veterans, seniors, sober living, transitional housing, re-entry, low income, and other special needs populations. Our properties and services are of the highest caliber in our state and local area due to our commitment to safe, affordable all- inclusive living environments.

Healthier Lives!

We're planting the seeds to eliminate homelessness while promoting healthy, safe and affordable housing.

Planting the seeds

We're working with a variety of organizations, granters, funders, and private donors to provide a safe, affordable all- inclusive living environment.

Providing safe & affordable living

Ongoing housing assistance and various services provided to individuals and family groups to help families to experience a smooth transition out of homelessness.

Encouraging personal growth

Tropicana House helps individuals and families to quickly exit homelessness and return to permanent housing; which can encourage happiness and personal growth.

Group Chats!

Home is where the heart is-

so we strive for comfort and satisfaction.

Tropicana House is providing and assisting individuals and families with connections to resources that help them improve their safety and well-being while achieving their long-term goals.


Let the Healing Begin

Our goal is to help combat the rising numbers of homeless people in America.

Tropicana House helps individuals and families experiencing homelessness identify and select among our various permanent housing options based on their unique needs and preferences.

Better days are ahead
at Tropicana House

Join us on our mission to promote safe, affordable and permanent housing

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